Peace & Reconciliation Plenary Session & Closing Ceremony

For the last day of the One Young World Summit, we had the opportunity to listen to individuals promoting peace and reconciliation in Columbia and across the world. Sergio Londoño Zurek, Mayor of Cartagena, Colombia & Director General of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia, APC-Colombia shared his story on how he formed part of the peaceful negotiaition between the government of Columbia the rebels. It was an inspiring moment to listen to young individuals in Columbia leading the development processes in the country.
The next session featured the future of Columbia where individuals who played active role during the peace process between the government and FARC guerrilla. The session was hosted by Angela Anzola High Commissioner for Peace and Victims, Colombia with panelist such as Daniel Duque-Velásquez, who was part of a social movement that supported the process and demanded a political solution of armed conflict. He led a large youth movement to lobby for the Colombian peace agreement, organizing marches and symbolic collective action, Laura Ulloa González who was kidnapped by rebels shared her story and her move to development in Columbia in building peace and reconciliation.
We had the opportunity to listen to two (2) Noble Peace Laureates, Kofi Annan - 7th Secretary General of the United Nations and President of Columbia - Juan Manuel Santos Calderón on how they worked together to foster the peace process with the FARC guerrilla. It was a very difficult process for the distinguished personalities but they worked so hard with resilience and the need to listen to the youth and exhibit great leadership to secure the peace process. These highlights creates a good atmosphere and a defining moments for youth to foster peace in their countries and around the world.
The closing ceremony featured great session with personalities such as Ron Garan a former astronaut speaking about his journey to the the moon and working with other countries in unity and peaceful co-existence to achieve their aim. He expressed strong believe and prospects in the need for the youth across the world to work in unity to serve the best interest of the world. We enjoyed an entertaining sessions with Hussain Manawer, a spoken word artiste who shared his story and his passion for the world becoming a better place through poetry. We also had the opportunity to listen to a great song by Cher about the need to treat animals in captivity with dignity. Finally, the baton for the next One Young World was handed to Pauline Krikke, the Mayor of the Hague where the next summit will be held in 2018. It was a great inspiring moment throughout the summit and we have had the opportunity to listen and meet with people who really care about the problems of our world.


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