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Impact: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

As we approach the end of the September which is the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we have made evaluations of our impact for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Our evaluations were based on our social media reach and the events during the awareness month. The impact was generated based on the reach we acquired from our facebook posts on prostate cancer together with the number of our followers whiles evaluations for instagram is based on the number of impressions of our posts on prostate cancer and number of followers. We also totalled the number of individuals in our WhatsApp groups multiplied by the number of posts on prostate cancer in September. Finally, we summed up the impact generated from our major events (In-House Prostate Cancer Awareness Program with Medi-Moses Prostate Center, Pharms & Pros Initiative & Market Invasion: Prostate Cancer Edition) to evaluate our total impact for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. We are so excited with the numbers we have re…

The Market Invasion: Prostate Cancer Edition

As part of the activities for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Zurak Cancer Foundation stormed the largest second hand clothing market in Ghana called "Kantamanto" a market widely dominated by men to educate them on Prostate Cancer, Prostitis and PSA Test. Over the years, we have expressed interest in reaching out to the less privileged or marginalized individuals with regards to our endeavors and it is part of our dream to strengthen a bond with our beneficiaries to propagate cancer awareness in order to stem the prevalence rate of the disease in the country.

Photos: The Pharms & Pros Initiative

Zurak Cancer Foundation partnered with the largest pharmaceutical retailers in Ghana; Randy Pharmacy, East Cantonment Pharmacy, The Mall Pharmacy & Radiance Pharmacy with support from Prostate Cancer UK to distribute booklets and leaflets based Prostate Cancer, Prostitis and PSA Test education as part of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

The Pharms & Pros Initiative With Support From Prostate Cancer UK

This September, Zurak Cancer Foundation with support from Prostate Cancer UK developed an initiative dubbed "Pharms & Pros" in partnership with the largest pharmaceutical retailers in Ghana to donate prostate cancer leaflets and booklets to the public. This initiative seeks to provide the public with much information about Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis and PSA Tests. We are so excited about these partnerships and we are looking forward to maximize impact and prostate cancer awareness in Ghana.

2017 Global Change Leader Award

Our CEO, Abdul Samed Zurak Enlisted Among The 2017 Global ChangeLeader Award Winners For The "Finding Identity & Strength" Category
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In-House Prostate Cancer Awareness Program with Medi-moses Prostate Centre

As part of our awareness program for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the Zurak Cancer Foundation visited the Medi-Moses Prostate Center for a training program on Prostate Cancer Awareness, Education and Treatment processes. This initiative seeks to provide more information and first hand practical experience to the team as they embark on their prostate cancer awareness programs for the month.

Zurak Cancer Foundation: Fighting Back Cancer By Zangotude

It is a year into the launch of your NGO. You have dedicated so much time and energy towards building it from the ground up. Your NGO’s cause is no ordinary undertaking. It is not one of the many hurriedly put together groups that just wants to do some good for the feel of it. You are very passionate about this thing you are undertaking. Why did you start it in the first place? 7 years ago, an auntie of yours died from a cancer that affected her liver. The doctors said it was Hepatitis. The ailment was something you had heard of before but you never gave it much thought. In fact, most people you know have never given it much thought. But it is deadly and has killed other people you know beside your auntie. So, you started kick started a movement to raise awareness. You were hell bent on getting people informed about cancer and the many variations it manifests itself into. With a year gone since the launch of your foundation, you decided to throw a little celebration to mark the moment. …

5th Merck eHealth MeetUp

Self-management is an essential component of chronic disease management. Zurak Cancer Foundation joined the discussion to discuss the role of ehealth in chronic disease management during 5th Merck eHealth MeetUp; a platform for conversations around challenges and solutions in scaling eHealth innovations in West Africa to hear from key stakeholders in chronic disease management about the developments so far, the challenges faced and the unique opportunity that lies in using eHealth.