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Official Launch & Fundraising Event of Zurak Cancer Foundation

Zurak Cancer Foundation is a non-governmental organization, with the aim of battling and eradicating of cancer in Ghana.We plan to eradicate cancer through education,awareness,support for cancer patients and advocacy.Statistics have shown that in Ghana, 16,000 cancer smitten cases occurred in 2014.If God and Zurak Cancer Foundation should not intervene on Africa's behalf, 1.28 million cancer cases are likely to erupt by 2030.

The foundation empowers persons to approach challenges such as strengthening health systems and cancer care services.Also improve essential cancer medicines and medical technologies through advocacy.Moreover, our noble foundation is determined to reduce the financial toll of cancer on individuals and families that cancer has succeeded in draining their last penny.We would also advocate for Government to enable access to palliative care and integrate early detection and screening into health systems.

On the 26th of April, 2015, we launched Zurak Cancer Foundat…