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Breast Cancer Awareness Program with Tafsiliya Islamic School

Tafsiliya Islamic School popular recognized as the beacon of Islamic Education in the Zongos. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Program has come to an end and we are very glad with the response and the support from the public. The program was attended by Mr Abdul Samed Zurak (Chairman/Founder) and Mr Awal Swallah (Coordinator). Mr Awal Swallah is an alumni of Tafsiliya Islamic School and it was due to his recommendations we decided to undertake this endeavors. We believe cancer education plays a very vital role in the prevention process of the fatal disease. Recently, a study shows that 2,500 women in Ghana are affected by breast cancer yearly. We are hoping that in some years to come, the occurrence rate of breast cancer will reduce drastically.Preparations towards the program started two (2) weeks before the program with support from Mr. Mahmud the headmaster of the school. The event was held on 24th October, 2015 and it started at 9:30 am with our Chairman taking the students through the…

Breast Cancer Awareness Program with Nasrudeen Islamic School

Breast cancer is very prevalent in Africa due to lack of education.We are facing this challenges due to the high illiteracy rate in Africa.Most individuals are facing these challenges especially when it comes to reading of precautions on the cigarette box which reads "smoking causes cancer".The rate of illiteracy has also inhibit our mobilization in our endeavors since getting certain aspects of individuals to understand our endeavors has been a problem.As Zurak Cancer Foundation, we are very much determined to conquer cancer in Africa and we will keep on pushing so hard to skirmish the suppressions we face as a team.We visited Nasrudeen Islamic School on 21st October, 2015 to deliver a Breast Cancer Awareness Program in the school. We took this initiative in other to breakdown the educational gap between the Islamic and Western education respectively. Prior to the program, we presented a letter to the headmaster of the institution explaining the need for a Breast Cancer Awa…

Breast Cancer Awareness Program With Untoma Oxford International School

October is breast cancer awareness month. In our endeavors to tackle breast cancer, we developed an initiative known as The Breast Cancer Awareness Program. The Breast Cancer Awareness Program is an initiative to educate the youth most especially the females about cancer. In Africa, cancer is much prevalent due to lack of education, awareness programs and adequate resources. We believe this initiative will help educate the youth about the need to adopt healthy lifestyle and take preventive measures to the disease.On the 16th of October, 2015, our Chairman (Abdul Samed Zurak) visited Untoma Oxford International School to educate the young girls about breast cancer. The program was attended by girls from form 1-3 at the Junior High School level. Prior to the program, our chairman met with the headmaster of the school to discuss the initiative thoroughly. The headmaster was very impressed with the content of the education. The program started 7:30 am with Mr. Abdul Samed Zurak (Chairman …