Breast Cancer Awareness Program with Nasrudeen Islamic School

Breast cancer is very prevalent in Africa due to lack of education.We are facing this challenges due to the high illiteracy rate in Africa.Most individuals are facing these challenges especially when it comes to reading of precautions on the cigarette box which reads "smoking causes cancer".The rate of illiteracy has also inhibit our mobilization in our endeavors since getting certain aspects of individuals to understand our endeavors has been a problem.As Zurak Cancer Foundation, we are very much determined to conquer cancer in Africa and we will keep on pushing so hard to skirmish the suppressions we face as a team.

We visited Nasrudeen Islamic School on 21st October, 2015 to deliver a Breast Cancer Awareness Program in the school. We took this initiative in other to breakdown the educational gap between the Islamic and Western education respectively. Prior to the program, we presented a letter to the headmaster of the institution explaining the need for a Breast Cancer Awareness Program in his institution.Initially, we requested for 1 hour 30 minutes but we were granted 1 hour.It was very difficult to get the headmaster to understand the need for our endeavors because it wasn't quite necessary to him. On the day of the event, the Zurak Cancer Foundation team including Mr. Abdul Samed Zurak (Chairman), Mr. Nyame Emmanuel (Director), Mr. Kafui Kudonoo (PR Manager) and Mrs. Zainab Abubakar (General Secretary) arrived for the event at 10:30 am.Our Chairman met with the headmaster before the program and there were change of plans.The headmaster reduced the time from 1 hour to 40 minutes because he thought our endeavors were not necessary.

The program began with Mr. Nyame Emmanuel leading the introduction.We had problems with the introduction since he was not a Muslim but he nailed it. The Director introduced our Chairman who led the prayers and the Breast Cancer Awareness education which entails the breast theory, risk factors, signs and symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.During the cause of the program, we suffered several interruptions from the teachers and the headmaster of the institution such as disallowing the team from taking pictures due to the latter perceptions they have about our endeavors.Eventhough we suffered several obstacles with this program, the Zurak Cancer Foundation team was able to hold it down successfully.

At the end of the program, there was a low turn up for questions and answers sessions due to certain unforseen occurrences and also most of the students lack the confidence to come up with questions. Mrs. Zainab Abubakar the General Secretary ended the program with a short remarks on the need to adhere with the educational program and foster a healthy lifestyle in other to guard themselves against breast cancer. The headmaster also criticized the team for taking pictures during the program but our Chairman explained to him the need for us to document our endeavors. Zurak Cancer Foundation is determined to lead the fight against cancer in Ghana and Africa so, regardless of the obstacles we still say "It's Cancer's Turn To Be Afraid".

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