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Zurak Cancer Foundation Attends "The Convergence"

Ashesi University to discuss sustainable solutions to the problems facing Africa. Moreover, the event seeks to create a platform for only innovation and creativity that will ensure workable, stable and realistic solutions to Africa's contemporary issues. Also, by facilitating dialogue, the event seeks to map the emerging trends of sustainable innovative solutions and the type of leadership required to deal with issues related to sustainable development.

The Uturn Africa Convergence on Sustainability has emerged with the understanding that only Sustainable Leaders are capable of providing the most appropriate solutions to the present problems of African societies. Uturn Africa provides a platform for debate, analysis and collaboration between current and future leaders interested in discussing sustainable solutions to the regions challenges with innovative lens.

The event is in Partnership with several leading institutions across several countries, including John Hopkins Universit…

Zurak Cancer Foundation Meets Visualize

Zurak Cancer Foundation held a meeting with Maria Young (Co-Founder of Visualize) from University of Michigan to discuss about a low-fidelity cervical cancer training model that aids healthcare providers to learn how to screen for cervical cancer using Visual Inspection of The Cervix With Acetic Acid (VIA). Moreover, we were joined by Dr Caryn Agyeman Prempeh to also discuss how best to make the model available to healthcare in order to provide low-cost and effective cervical cancer screening