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Our CEO Abdul Samed Zurak Featured @ World Economic Forum

Our Chief Executive Officer has been featured in the One Young World video for the World Economic Forum. Our leader is a One Young World Ambassador and Johnson & Johnson Scholar. He has been selected to discuss the biggest risks facing the country and the way forward to the problems. Enjoy the video below!

Photos: Market Invasion @ Agbobloshie Market (Sodom & Gomorrah) - Part 1


Zurak Cancer Foundation Set To Invade Agbobloshie Market

This year, we developed a strategy to take our market invasion to the Agbobloshie Market; the largest market in Accra, Ghana. The market is a cosmopolitan environment where dwellings are wooden shacks that lack water and sanitation. The area is also home to armed robbers, prostitutes, drug dealers and others involved in underground markets. Crime and disease run rampant throughout Agbogbloshie, creating an almost uninhabitable environment for humans. Outsiders have nicknamed the area “Sodom and Gomorrah,” after two condemned Biblical cities, due to the harsh living conditions in Agbogbloshie. We are looking forward to to implement our strategies at the market to provide solutions to cancer prevalence in the community.

Zurak Cancer Foundation Honors Team During The Merck eHealth Meet Up End of Year Party

Zurak Cancer Foundation honored its members during the Merck eHealth Meet Up End of Year Party. The Merck eHealth Meet Up is a monthly series inviting players in the health innovation industry to discuss solutions to health challenges in Ghana. Zurak Cancer Foundation is incubating under the Merck Entrepreneurial Development Space (MEDspace) and the organization played a vital role during the monthly series. As part of the organization's motive to encourage and motivate its team, the management developed a strategy to honor most deserving members of the organization who have contributed their time and efforts to take the organization to the next level.

Zurak Cancer Foundation Kumasi Meet Up

The Zurak Cancer Foundation team in Kumasi met to discuss upcoming projects and orientation of new members to the projects of the organization. The meeting was held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with majority of our students from the university. The team developed strategies to provide interventions for cancer prevalence in the region and.

Zurak Cancer Foundation Surveys Agbobloshie Market

Our cervical cancer team visited the Agbobloshie Market to conduct a survey for our upcoming market invasion. This will enable to the team to develop a strategy for our market invasion initiative. The market invasion initiative is a cervical cancer awareness program to provide cervical cancer education and screening to market women. This initiative is expected to encourage the market women to pay attention to their health especially the human papillomavirus; the causative virus for cervical cancer.
According to Wikipedia, the local economy of Agbogbloshie is based on an onion market serving immigrants to Accra from the greater Tamale Region (Dagbani) in the north. Unemployed immigrants turned to scrap metal collection, including auto scrap, to supplement incomes. The population of Agbogbloshie consists of economic migrants from northern and rural parts of Ghana, where living standards are growing worse, causing people to move to urban settings, such as Agbogbloshie. Conditions may no…