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The Chairman/Founder

Abdul Samed Zurak was born in Accra, Madina, on March 26 1994.He began his education career at the Bethany Home Academy through to Hannah School Complex and St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School.He is currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Management at Wisconsin International University.He was a shy child and studious but by his late teens he had grown to a gangly teenager towering 6'5". He discovered his love of for serving humanity at a very young age.He served the Ghana Red Cross Society at the basic level of his education.He loves soccer and basketball and his favorite teams are FC Barcelona and the Miami Heat.He grew in a very large and an influential family "Zurak Family".His dad and role model,Alhaji Alhassan Baba Zurak is also a well known philanthropist and a business man in the suburb of Accra.Abdul Samed Zurak is quoted as saying "My Education Is Useless If It Doesn't Benefit My Community Or The Less Privileged" so, H…

Zurak Cancer Foundation

Zurak Cancer Foundation was established on 27th April,2014.Our mission is to educate individuals about cancer, create awareness,support cancer patients and advocate for cancer in Ghana.Cancer is an emerging public health problem in Africa.According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) about 715,000 new cancer cases and 542,000 cancer deaths occurred in 2008 in Africa.These numbers are projected to nearly to 1.28 million new cancer cases and 970,000 cancer deaths by 2030 simply due to the aging and growth of the population, with the potential to be even higher because of the adoption of behaviors and lifestyles associated with economic development, such as smoking unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity. Despite this growing burden, cancer continues to receive low public health priority in Africa, largely because of limited resources and other pressing public health problems, including communicable diseases such as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/huma…