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Free Hepatits B Screening In Collaboration With Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital At Madina

On the 23rd of May, 2015 at the forecourt of bluebird (Madina Zongo), Zurak Cancer Foundation in collaboration with Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital organised a free Hepatitis B screening.May is the awareness month for hepatitis so therefore, we seek to encourage free Hepatitis B screenings into our various communities to foster early detection of the chronic illess to enable us to recommend early treatment and vaccination.

In our endeavours as Zurak Cancer Foundation, we seek to eradicate cancer in the shortest possible time and probably 2030.Based on the aims and objectives of the foundation, we would integrate early detection and invest in a skilled workforce to deliver early detection.At the end of our free Hepatitis B screening we got the following statistics below:

Total Number of Screenings: 73
Tested Positive; 7
Tested Negative: 66
Lowest Age That Tested Positive: 17
Highest Age That Tested Positive; 69
Lowest Age Screened: 15
Highest Age Screened: 80
Male: 35
Female: 38

Zurak …