Breast Cancer Awareness Program with Tafsiliya Islamic School

Tafsiliya Islamic School popular recognized as the beacon of Islamic Education in the Zongos. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Program has come to an end and we are very glad with the response and the support from the public. The program was attended by Mr Abdul Samed Zurak (Chairman/Founder) and Mr Awal Swallah (Coordinator). Mr Awal Swallah is an alumni of Tafsiliya Islamic School and it was due to his recommendations we decided to undertake this endeavors. We believe cancer education plays a very vital role in the prevention process of the fatal disease. Recently, a study shows that 2,500 women in Ghana are affected by breast cancer yearly. We are hoping that in some years to come, the occurrence rate of breast cancer will reduce drastically.

Preparations towards the program started two (2) weeks before the program with support from Mr. Mahmud the headmaster of the school. The event was held on 24th October, 2015 and it started at 9:30 am with our Chairman taking the students through the concept of the breast, risk factors, signs and symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The breast concept involves the structure of the breast such as the lobes, lobules, blood vessels, lymph vessels and areola. The students were educated on the types of breast cancer such as Ductal Carcinoma in Situ and Lobular Carcinoma in Situ. We also educated the students on risk factors which involves age, personal history, genetic predisposition and other activities such as smoking, unhealthy diet and alcohol. The most important aspect of education program was prevention. Students were made to understand the preventive measures of breast cancer such as prophylactic mastectomy, prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy and chemoprevention. Finally, we took them through the diagnosis process which are clinical examination and mammography and also treatment options such as mastectomy and lumpectomy.

The students were thrilled with much excitement during the program and they also learnt alot with regards to the education. During the questions and answers session the students were very much curious about the disease, so questions related to breast cancer and cancer were asked. Moreover students got answers to their satisfaction. We also encountered some funny cancer myths such as poor eating habits causes cancer. Our Coordinator ended the program with a prayer and some advice for the students. The students also recommended a breast cancer screening for them and we have put that in our plans. We will discuss it and execute it as soon as possible. Anytime we take new initiatives in the fight against cancer, we see it as a stepping stone to something great. Zurak Cancer Foundation is determined to become the beacon in cancer education, awareness and prevention in Ghana and Africa. We say "Thank You" and It's Still Cancer's Turn To Be Afraid.

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