Breast Cancer Awareness Program With Untoma Oxford International School

October is breast cancer awareness month. In our endeavors to tackle breast cancer, we developed an initiative known as The Breast Cancer Awareness Program. The Breast Cancer Awareness Program is an initiative to educate the youth most especially the females about cancer. In Africa, cancer is much prevalent due to lack of education, awareness programs and adequate resources. We believe this initiative will help educate the youth about the need to adopt healthy lifestyle and take preventive measures to the disease.

On the 16th of October, 2015, our Chairman (Abdul Samed Zurak) visited Untoma Oxford International School to educate the young girls about breast cancer. The program was attended by girls from form 1-3 at the Junior High School level. Prior to the program, our chairman met with the headmaster of the school to discuss the initiative thoroughly. The headmaster was very impressed with the content of the education. The program started 7:30 am with Mr. Abdul Samed Zurak (Chairman & Founder) taking them through the theory of the breast, risk factors, signs and symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The students were very much excited and the questions and answer session followed. The students asked much more questions and had satisfactory answers from our chairman. Most of them were very much interested in the initiative.

After the session, the students made a proposal to our chairman which they would like to be screened for breast cancer. We have taken that into consideration and we will be discussing that with the District Directorate of Health to provide us with nurses and resources to undertake that endeavors. The only problem facing us is that, most of the students are minors so, there is the need for their parents or guardians to sign a Memoradum of Understand (MoU) with Zurak Cancer Foundation before they take part. We are very much satisfied with our endeavors and we are glad we are meeting our desired targets still "It's Cancer's Turn To Be Afraid"

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