One Young World Summit: Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development Plenary Session

It's a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to join the Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development Plenary Session to listen to great leaders on how they are working within their own sector to make impact into the lives of people. It was a pleasure to listen to Noble Peace Laureate Bob Geldof with his delegate speaker on how they are making impact into the lives of people. Noble Peace Laureate, Professor Mohammed Yunus expressed his passion to see the world becoming a better place by sharing his works and his three zeros policy (zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emission) he believes these are the ways to solve the problems of the world and also he expressed his concerns on financial equality where the less privilege get the share of the world's worth. He spoke on the essence of education and entrepreneurship for young people in order to create the atmosphere of poverty reduction in the near future. The most inspiring part of the session follows up with Jerome Jarre where he spoke about his impact in Somalia by providing food, money and opportunity for village folks with the use of Facebook to document the impact they are making in the lives of village folks in Somalia.


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